Auto Detailing & Rust Protection Steps

Perm-Shine Steps


  • The vehicle is thoroughly hand washed to remove road dirt, bugs, etc.

  • The wheel rims, tires and all exterior chrome are cleaned.

  • Water sanding and compounding is done as required to remove any oxidation, all possible scratches or any overspray from the paint surface of the vehicle.

  • After removal of scratches or overspray a full hand wash is done again to remove any compound residue from the water sanding or compounding.

  • The doors jambs including the trunk are cleaned.

  • The vehicle is completely dried, the windows are cleaned inside and out with a special window treatment and dressing is applied to the tires.

  • A detailing specialist uses a high speed polisher to apply our unique product to all the exterior painted surfaces.

  • We then buff the vehicle with a slow speed polisher to give it a smooth and shiny finish.

  • A special product is used to polish all exterior chrome.

  • The final touches are a complete wipe down by hand of the entire exterior of the vehicle and the final inspection.

  • Interior Treatment:

  • With the interior protection package we hand wash the exterior.
  • All carpets, seats, mats and the trunk are vacuumed. If needed they are shampooed. For the seats we use a special foam cleaner.
  • All interior trim, dashboard, gauges, ashtrays, door jambs are cleaned.
  • All vinyl or leather are treated to reduce drying or cracking. The carpeting and fabric seats are treated with a fabric protection product to guard against staining.
  • The windows are cleaned inside and out and tires are dressed.
  • Rust Protection Steps:

  • The vehicle is steam cleaned where the rust proofing product is applied
  • The vehicle is blow dried to prepare it for the process.
  • We remove the manufacturers plugs at the access points. This also includes removal of the taillights to access that area.
  • We spray the top side of the vehicle with a clear permanent rust proofing product. These areas are the inside of all the panels, bottom of the doors and posts, door hinges, trunk hatch lid and perimeter seams, tail light areas, bumper support and brackets, trailer hitch, hood frame and inner panels, engine compartment, rear wells and seams, rear quarter panels, rocker panels.
  • The vehicle is now placed on our rust proofing hoist and raised so that we may use the clear product and spray the calipers, motor mounts, backing plates, brake lines, nuts, bolts and hitches so that these areas will not corrode or seize.
  • The black rust proofing product, which has sound deadening qualities, is sprayed on the remainder of the bottom of the vehicle.
  • We do not drill holes during the rust proofing process but as stated above use the plugs at the access points to maintain the manufacturers warranty.

    Both the clear and black rust proofing products do not get hard but stays pliable. They do not trap condensation.

    This keeps the suspension lubricated and quiet and in good working order. This can save you dollars down the road when service is required to your vehicle.

    Dripless Oil Rust Inhibitor:

  • The rust inhibiting material is applied annually
  • We spray the same areas as sprayed for the rust proofing process
  • No holes are drilled for this application and the product while it does migrate does not drip.
  • Other Services:

  • Dent Removal
  • Window Tinting



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