Mechanical Services


Our mechanical shop is fully equipped with the latest in diagnostic tools and software, as well as a wide range of advanced shop equipment allowing our licensed technicians to perform any and all services that your vehicle may need. With our software and scanners we can diagnose and clear engine lights.

Some of our mechanical services are:

Engine diagnostics and maintenance

from oil changes to engine changes, cylinder heads, valve trains, engine sealing and cooling system.

Transmission transfer cases and differential

we rebuild, replace or fix any automatic or manual power train components such as noises, clutches shift linkages, leaks and fluid replacement.

Disc and drum brake diagnosis

master cylinders, wheel cylinders, line leaks, calipers, brake booster, machining drums and fluid replacement to keep your brakes working like new.

Suspension and steering

tires and wheels, struts, shocks, springs, sway bars, bushings, wheel bearings, ball joints, tie rods, rack and pinion.


our up to date software allows us to trace diagnose and repair electrical problems from lights to drivability issues.

Heating and Air conditioning

such as inoperative heating systems including switches, blower motors, or no heat issues, air conditioning leaks, compressors and recharging.

Cooling system

fluid changes, leaks, radiators, water pumps, heater cores.

Fuel systems

filters, leaks, line replacements, injection services and pumps.

In addition we do performance applications from engine swaps to turbo and supercharger applications, fuel rails and pumps, air filters, cold air intakes, suspension, etc.


Mechanical Services